• *This service is currently available exclusively to Clayton campus staff, students and members of Monash Sport for a discounted price of $95

    What do I get?

    After completing a VO2 test (otherwise known as a graded cardiovascular exercise test), you will have the opportunity for a 1:1 discussion with our exercise physiologist about what your results actually mean, the impacts on brain health and how to use this information to best guide your exercise choices

    A range of your physical capacities will be measured including:

    • VO₂ score: The gold-standard measure of Cardiovascular Fitness, and a strong predictor of mental performance.
    • Heart rate zones: Accurately calculated from your highest heart rate achieved in test.
    • Anaerobic threshold: The point at which physical fatigue, breathing and blood levels increase rapidly.
    • Fatigue tolerance: How much fatigue you can handle during maximal exercise, and for how long.
    • Breathing capacity: The maximum amount of air your lungs can inhale and exhale.

    Why should I measure my fitness at BrainPark?

    • Quality: We are housed in a world-class testing facility and use cutting edge equipment in our lab. All tests are conducted by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are specialists in exercise for brain and mental wellbeing, with over a decades worth of experience in both clinical and research settings.
    • Empowerment: Use your personal data to help you:
      • Optimise your exercise routine
      • Track fitness changes
      • Keep motivated

    What will I not get?

    This service is purely an assessment and a discussion of the results. Although the information you receive will be very beneficial to help you optimise your physical and mental performance, we cannot provide you with a specific exercise program.

    I am interested, what are the next steps?

    To ensure the fitness assessments we offer are suitable for you, please complete this screening form which covers medical history and exercise background (please note: some age and health restrictions apply).

    Alternatively, please feel free to email us at bpai@monash.edu OR call 03 9905 9411