• This service is currently available exclusively to members of Monash Sport. For a limited time only, access your VO2 test with a 1:1 discussion of your results for a discounted rate of $50

    The benefits of exercise on the body are well known, what isn't so commonly known is that exercise can enhance our thinking skills and the mental processes our brain performs so we can acquire knowledge, understand and interact with the world around us. By measuring your fitness, you can make informed choices to optimise all of the benefits exercise can provide - both physically and mentally

    Why should I measure my fitness at BrainPark?

    • Quality: We have world-class testing facilities and all tests are supervised by Accredited Exercise Scientists.
    • Empowerment: Your personal data obtained from the test can help with:
      • Setting up an initial exercise routine
      • Optimising your existing routine
      • Tracking fitness changes
      • Keeping you motivated

    What do I get?

    You will perform a graded cardiovascular fitness test, which will be followed up with a 1:1 discussion about what your results mean and how to use this information to inform your training. We will also give you a detailed report and some resources to take home.

    The test measures a range of your physical capacities including:

    • VO₂ score: The gold-standard measure of Cardiovascular Fitness, and a strong predictor of mental performance.
    • Heart rate zones: Accurately calculated from your highest heart rate achieved in test.
    • Anaerobic threshold: The point at which physical fatigue, breathing and blood levels increases rapidly.
    • Fatigue tolerance: How much fatigue you can handle, and for how long.
    • Breathing capacity: The maximum amount of air your lungs can inhale and exhale.

    What will I not get?

    This service is purely an assessment, and although the information you receive will be very beneficial to help optimise your physical and mental performance, we cannot provide you with specific exercise prescriptions

    I am interested, what are the next steps?

    To ensure the fitness assessments we offer are suitable for you, please complete this screening form which covers medical history and exercise background.