• This ground-breaking study aims to revolutionise the way we prepare our first responders for success in high-pressure workplaces. Although estimates vary, data has shown that burnout is prevalent and severe in our first responders and frontline workers. Recent data suggests that 56% of paramedics experience burnout, as do 58% of Australian GPs and 78.8% of nurses. The Cognitive Fitness (CogFit) study aims to investigate the relationship between cognition, stress and optimal performance in high-pressure jobs. Together, we’re developing an innovative assessment package that identifies risk and resilience factors to empower individuals to excel in high-pressure environments.

    First responders, elite athletes and defence personnel need to sustain optimal performance and decision-making in complex, often stressful and rapidly changing conditions. Their ability to perform optimally under these conditions can save lives.

    The knowledge gained from this study will help us develop tools to track and optimise cognitive fitness under sustained, changeable, and high-pressure conditions and the long-term well-being of Australia’s frontline workers, including defence personnel and first responders.

    Be at the forefront of change, support our front-line workers, and gain personalised insights into your cognitive fitness

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